welcome to a most natural creed ever 

imagine a religion where the only important thing is that you're as natural as possible, there is no need for strange rituals, temples, and prayers

the center of belief is you - the human being in complete naturalness,  your church is nature, and rituals are enjoying it

this religion does not carry death on its shoulders, it does not scare, obligate or denies anybody, it does not own treasures because the only treasure is nature, the temple is our earth and god is the cosmos in his cyclic dance of naturalness

"naturalis" means naturally, produced by nature without intervention. the circle is a universal symbol of the cosmos, planets, cells, electrons, and red is a color associated with a big bang, sun, passion, activity, blood, love, and joy. ".dev" like devotion, it is an internet domain for development and it is a home for all the interesting things.
naturalis, where knowledge is more natural than belief